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3-798-762-24 (1)
1995 by Sony Corporation
Operation Manual
Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly,
and retain it for future reference.
Owner’s Record
The model and serial numbers are located on the bottom. Record the
serial number in the space provided below. Refer to these numbers
whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product.
Model No. DCR-VX1000 Model No. AC-V615
Serial No. Serial No.
Digital Video
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Seite 1 - Recorder

3-798-762-24 (1) 1995 by Sony CorporationDCR-VX1000Operation ManualBefore operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly,and retain it for fu

Seite 2 - Welcome to digital video


Seite 3 - Table of Contents

11Basic OperationsNote on Standby modeIf you leave the camcorder for 5 minutes or more with a cassette inserted in Standby mode, the camcordergoes off

Seite 4 - Notes and Precautions

12WTWTWTUsing the Zoom FeatureZooming is a recording technique that lets you change the size of the subject in the scene. For moreprofessional-lookin

Seite 5 - Checking Supplied Accessories

13Basic OperationsHints for Better ShootingFor hand-held shots, you’ll get better results holding the camcorder according to the followingsuggestions:

Seite 6 - Charging the Battery Pack

14The editsearch function is used to view the recorded picture for a moment during recording.Using EDITSEARCH, you can review the last recorded scene

Seite 7 - Inserting the Battery Pack

15Basic OperationsYou can use this camcorder as a VCR by connecting it to your TV for playback. It is recommended touse the house current as the power

Seite 8 - To Remove the Battery Pack

16POWEROFFCAMERAVTRREWPLAYYou can monitor the playback picture in the viewfinder. You can also watch it on a TV screen, afterconnecting the camcorder

Seite 9 - Inserting a Cassette

17Basic OperationsTo view the picture frame by framePress > during playback pause mode.Press < in reverse direction during playback pause mode.T

Seite 10 - Camera Recording

18Advanced OperationsUsing Alternate Power SourcesYou can choose any of the following power sources for your camcorder: battery pack (p.6), housecurre

Seite 11 - STBY STBY

19Advanced OperationsWARNINGAC power cord must only be changed at qualified service shop.Precautions• The set is not disconnected from the AC power so

Seite 12

2EnglishWelcome to digital videoCongratulations on your purchase of this Sony Digital Handycam camcorder. With your Handycam,you can capture life’s p

Seite 13 - Hints for Better Shooting


Seite 14 - Checking the Recorded Picture

21Advanced OperationsHEADPHONE <LOW/MID/HIGH>• Normally select LOW.• Select MID to slightly raise the volume of the headphone.• Select HIGH to r

Seite 15 - Connections for Playback

22Items in VTR Mode onlyA MIX BAL• Select this item and change the level of the indicator by pressing > or . to adjust the volume balancebetween au

Seite 16 - Playing Back a Tape

23Advanced OperationsSTBY RECSTBY RECLOCKSTANDBYPHOTO STANDBYSTART/STOPFADEROVERLAPYou can fade in or out to give your recording a professional appear

Seite 17 - Notes on playback


Seite 18 - Using Alternate Power Sources


Seite 19 - Using a Car Battery

26Notes on editsearch• The picture may be distorted at the end of the inserted portion when it is played back.• Zero set memory may not function when

Seite 20 - Changing the Mode Settings

27Advanced OperationsPhoto RecordingYou can record a still picture like a photograph for about seven seconds. This mode is useful whenyou want to enj

Seite 21 - Items in CAMERA Mode only

28LOCKSTANDBYPHOTO STANDBYSTART/STOPEXECUTEMENUMENUInterval RecordingYou can make a time-lapse recording by setting the camcorder to automatically rec

Seite 22

29Advanced OperationsLOCKSTANDBYPHOTO STANDBYSTART/STOPEXECUTEMENUMENUCut RecordingYou can make a recording with a stop-motion animated effect using c

Seite 23 - Fader and Overlap

3Table of ContentsBefore You BeginNotes and Precautions 4Checking Supplied Accessories 5Getting StartedCharging and Inserting the Battery Pack 6Insert

Seite 24

30LOCKSTANDBYPHOTO STANDBYSTART/STOPSELFTIMERSelf-timer RecordingYou can make a recording with the self-timer when the SELFTIMER mode is set to ON (2S

Seite 25 - Recorded Tape

31Advanced OperationsAUTOLOCKHOLDSelecting Automatic Mode and ManualAdjustmentYou can select three types of adjustment mode for exposure, shutter spee

Seite 26

32FOUCUSAUTOMANUALINFINITYPUSH AUTOFocusing ManuallyTo activate auto focusing, very bright condition and proper contrast are required. Use manual foc

Seite 27 - Photo Recording

33Advanced OperationsPUSH AUTOFOUCUSAUTOMANUALINFINITYPUSH AUTOWhen or appearsTurn focus ring clockwise when appears, or turn it counterclockwis

Seite 28 - Note on interval recording

34CONTROL F1.6AEA F2AEA AEAAESAUTOLOCKHOLDAEPROGRAMUsing the PROGRAM AE FunctionSelect one of the three PROGRAM AE modes, then go to each step.(1) Se


35Advanced OperationsCONTROL90AES100AESThe depth of fieldExposure (iris)ZoomShallow (lowering the F value)Smaller irisTelephoto (T)Deep (raising the F

Seite 30 - To stop self-timer recording

36AEPROGRAMTo select the best shutter speedTo return to automatic modeSet HOLD/AUTO LOCK selector to AUTO LOCK, or press PROGRAM AE repeatedly until A

Seite 31 - PROGRAM AE Mode

37Advanced OperationsAUTOLOCKHOLDTo lock the PROGRAM AE mode and manual settingsSet HOLD/AUTO LOCK selector to HOLD.The EXPOSURE, SHUTTER SPEED, WHT B

Seite 32 - Focusing Manually

38AUTOLOCKHOLDEXPOSUREAdjusting the ExposureAdjust the exposure manually under the following cases.[a] Turn the exposure dial to + when:• The backgrou

Seite 33 - Focusing to Infinity

39Advanced OperationsAUTOLOCKHOLDTo return to automatic modeSet HOLD/AUTO LOCK selector to AUTO LOCK.To change the settingRepeat steps 1 to 4.To cance

Seite 34 - Using the PROGRAM AE Function

4Before You BeginNotes and PrecautionsNote on TV Color SystemsTV color systems differ from country to country. To view your recordings on a TV, you ne

Seite 35 - Advanced Operations

40AECONTROLAUTOLOCKHOLDPROGRAMSHUTTERSPEEDAdjusting the Shutter Speed(1) Set HOLD/AUTO LOCK selector to the center (auto lock release) position while

Seite 36

41Advanced OperationsUsing the ND FilterUsing the ND filter (correspond to one-tenth the quantity of light), you can record a picture clearly,preventi

Seite 37 - About the previous settings

42EXECUTEMENUMENUUsing with the Zebra PatternYou can set the camcorder to display a zebra pattern (diagonal stripes) in the portion of the picture int

Seite 38 - Adjusting the Exposure

43Advanced OperationsAUTOLOCKHOLDWHT BALAdjusting the White BalanceWhite balance adjustment makes white subjects look white and allows more natural co

Seite 39 - To cancel the setting

44Adjusting the White BalanceLocking the white balance setting (One-push white balance mode)When you set the white balance to one-push white balance m

Seite 40 - Adjusting the Shutter Speed

45Advanced OperationsNotes on the ∑ indicator in the viewfinder• The state of the indicator shows as follows:Slow flashing: White balance is not adjus

Seite 41 - Using the ND Filter

46AUTOLOCKHOLDCONTROLRECLEVELAUTOLOCKHOLD123Adjusting the Recording SoundYou can adjust the recording sound level. Use headphones to monitor the soun

Seite 42 - Using with the Zebra Pattern

47Advanced OperationsNotes on the adjustment• The sound level setting is retained as long as the power is on and for about five minutes after the powe

Seite 43 - Adjusting the White Balance

48STEADY SHOTONOFFWhen you shoot, the Ó indicator appears in the viewfinder. This indicates that the Steady Shotfunction is working and the camcorder

Seite 44

49Advanced OperationsEXECUTEMENUMENUPresetting the Adjustment for Picture QualityYou can preset the camcorder to record the picture with the desired p

Seite 45

5Checking Supplied AccessoriesCheck that the following accessories are supplied with your camcorder.9854321671 Wireless Remote Commander (1) (p. 76)2

Seite 46 - Adjusting the Recording Sound

50To record without the preset setting1 Press MENU while the camcorder is in Standby mode.2 Press > or . to select CUSTOM, then press EXECUTE.3 Pre

Seite 47

51Advanced OperationsSearching the Recorded PictureWhen you use a cassette memory-mounted mini DV cassette which can store the recorded date or time,e

Seite 48 - STEADY SHOT

52Searching the Recorded PictureSearching the recorded picture without using cassette memory(1) Turn the POWER switch to VTR.(2) Slide OPEN and open t

Seite 49

53Advanced OperationsChecking the Information for the RecordedPictureYou can display the recorded date and time or the various settings in the viewfin

Seite 50 - About the gain-shift setting

54You can create your own video program by editing with any other DV, mini DV, h 8 mm, H Hi8,j VHS, k S-VHS,  VHSC, K S-VHSC, l Betamax, or ¬ ED Beta

Seite 51

55Advanced OperationsStarting Editing(1) Insert a blank tape (or a tape you want to record over) into the recording VCR. Then insert yourrecorded tape

Seite 52 - To stop searching

56Replacing Recording on a TapeYou can insert a new picture, sound, recording date/time, camera information, etc., from a VCR ontoyour originally reco

Seite 53 - “– –:– –:– –” appears when

57Additional InformationAdditional InformationUsing Your Camcorder AbroadEach country has its own electricity and TV color systems. Before using your

Seite 54 - Editing onto Another Tape

58Replacing the Lithium Battery in theCamcorderYour camcorder is supplied with the lithium battery installed. When the battery becomes weak ordead, I

Seite 55 - Starting Editing

59Additional InformationReplacing the Lithium BatteryWhen replacing the lithium battery, keep the battery pack or other power source attached. Otherwi

Seite 56 - Replacing Recording on a Tape

6Getting StartedCharging and Inserting the Battery PackBefore using your camcorder, you first need to charge and install the battery pack. To charge

Seite 57 - Using Your Camcorder Abroad


Seite 58 - Camcorder

61Additional InformationVideo CassettesUsable CassettesYou can use the mini DV cassette only. You cannot use any other h 8 mm, H Hi8, j VHS, k S-VHS,

Seite 59 - Replacing the Lithium Battery

62Video CassettesNotes on the mini DV cassetteGold-plated connector of the mini DV cassetteIf the gold-plated connector of the mini DV cassette gets d

Seite 60 - Resetting the Date and Time

63Additional InformationLOCKSTANDBYPHOTO STANDBYSTART/STOPThis section shows you how you can get the most out of your battery pack.Preparing the Batte

Seite 61 - Video Cassettes

64The Battery Heats UpDuring charging or recording, the battery pack heats up. This is caused by energy that has beengenerated and a chemical change t

Seite 62

65Additional InformationMoisture CondensationIf the camcorder is brought directly from a cold place to a warm place, moisture may condense insidethe c

Seite 63 - Preparing the Battery Pack

66Removing Dust from Inside the Viewfinder(1) While holding down the hook, slide the eyecup in the direction of the arrow and remove it out.(2) Clean

Seite 64 - Notes on the Terminals

67Additional InformationPrecautionsCamcorder Operation• Operate the camcorder using 7.2 V (battery pack), or 8.4 V (AC power adaptor).• For DC or AC o

Seite 65 - Moisture Condensation

68Cause and/or Corrective Actions• The tape is stuck to the drum.m Eject the tape. (p. 9)• Rewind the tape or use a new one. (p. 16)• Set the POWER

Seite 66 - Video Head Cleaning

69Additional InformationOperationSymptomD ZOOM mode in the menu systemcannot be set to ON.The overlap function does not active.Sound level meter does

Seite 67 - Precautions

7Getting StartedRemoving the Battery PackSlide the battery pack in the direction of the arrow.Notes on charging the battery pack• The POWER lamp will

Seite 68 - Trouble Check

70Cause and/or Corrective Actions• Disconnect the AC power cord. After about one minute, tryagain. (p.18)• See the following chart.SymptomThe POWER l

Seite 69 - Picture/Sound

71Additional InformationVideo CameraRecorderSystemVideo recording systemTwo rotary heads, Helicalscanning systemAudio recording systemRotary heads, PC

Seite 70

72Identifying the PartsCamcorder1 Remote sensor (p. 79)2 CP CHECK button (p. 49)3 EDITSEARCH buttons (p. 14)4 RELEASE knob (p. 8)5 POWER switch (p. 10

Seite 71 - Specifications

73Additional Information!ª Accessory shoe@º Display window (p. 81)@¡ EJECT switch (p. 9)@™ Zoom button (p. 12)@£ REC LEVEL (recording level) button (p

Seite 72 - Identifying the Parts

74@¶ Carrying handle@• Microphone@ª Camera recording lamp#º Remote sensor (p. 79)#¡ Hooks for shoulder strap (p. 76)#™ Lens hoodYou can attatch a wide

Seite 73 - Additional Information

75Additional Information$∞$¶%º%¡$ª$§$•$£$¢%™$º$¡$™$º Camera recording lamp$¡ PHOTO button (p. 27)$™ lLANC control jackl stands for Local Application C

Seite 74

76Attaching the shoulder strapAttach the supplied shoulder strap to the hooks for the shoulder strap (!¡ and #¡ on page 72and 74).231Remote Commander1

Seite 75

77Additional Information!º Tape transport buttons (p. 16)0REW (rewind), ·PLAY (playback), )FF (fast-forward), πSTOP, '/7 (frame-by-frame),PPAUSE,

Seite 76

78EXECUTEMENUMENUIDHOLDVTR 4STOPAbout the ID of the Remote CommanderYou can avoid misoperation from other remote commanders by setting the VTR4/ID/HOL

Seite 77 - Using the Remote Commander

79Additional InformationRemote Control DirectionAim the Remote Commander to the remote sensor.The operative range of the Remote Commander is about 5 m

Seite 78

8Charging and Inserting the Battery PackTo Remove the Battery PackSlide the RELEASE knob leftward.RELEASENote on battery packYou cannot use NP-520/500

Seite 79 - Remote Control Direction

80WNDTSTBY16BIT1000ONPHOTOC MEMORYF2.8FADER7.5CP0dB0:13:46 32In the Viewfinder1 Focus indicator (p. 32)2 ND filter indicator (p. 41)3 White balance in

Seite 80

81Additional InformationIn the Display Window1 Time code (p. 11)2 MEMORY indicator (p. 25)Same as ZERO SET MEMORY indicator in the viewfinder.3 Warnin

Seite 81 - In the Display Window

82If indicators flash in the viewfinder, or a caution lamp on the camcorder flashes, check the following:: You can hear the beep sound when the BEEP i

Seite 82 - 4.7 1995

83Additional InformationGlossaryAudio mode (p. 22, p. 61)There are two modes on DV format:• 12-bit mode which records two stereo sounds such as stereo

Seite 83 - Glossary

84Shutter speed (p. 40)The amount of time the shutter is open. The faster the shutter speed is the less blurring occurs even ifshooting a moving subj

Seite 84

85Additional Information

Seite 86

87Additional Information

Seite 87

Sony Corporation Printed in JapanA,BAC power adaptor ...6Adjusting the sound ... 46Adjusting viewfinder ...

Seite 88 - Printed in Japan

9Getting StartedInserting a CassetteYou can use mini DV cassette with logo* only.Make sure that a power source is inserted.(1) Slide EJECT. The cas

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