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4K Ultra High-Definition 7.1 Surround Sound AV Receiver
> True 7.1 surround sound processing for
any room of the house
> DTS-HD Master Audio
, Dolby
and Dolby Digital
Plus decoding
> Built-in high-efficiency, high-performance
8-channel power amplifier
> 140 Watts/Ch. @ 8 Ohms, 240 Watts/Ch.
@ 4 Ohms
> Support for both active powered
subwoofers and passive
in-wall subwoofers
> Eleven inputs: four HDMI
, one SPDIF optical,
two SPDIF coaxial, two unbalanced stereo,
one balanced stereo, and one DM 8G+
> DM 8G+ input enables seamless whole-house AV system
integration via Crestron
> Enables direct connection to an HDBaseT
certified source via
the DM 8G+ input
> HDMI output supports Full HD 1080p, Ultra HD, 3D, and 4K
video displays
> Advanced HDCP management for trouble-free handling of
copy-protected digital content
> QuickSwitch HD
technology for fast, reliable switching
> Unbalanced stereo downmix output for second zone or
audio return
> Amplified stereo downmix output available in lieu of
back speakers
> RS-232, IR, Ethernet, relay, and contact sensing ports for control
of local devices
> CEC pass-through from a control system for device control via
> USB HID mouse/keyboard extension and routing via DigitalMedia
> Compatible with Crestron USB over Ethernet Extenders
> Native Crestron control system integration via 10/100 Ethernet
> Color LCD front panel for basic setup and operation
> Front panel USB port for installer setup
> Simplified setup via front panel or software
> Built-in noise generator for audio setup
> DSP with 9-band graphic or parametric EQ, delay, crossover,
and compression
> Speaker Profiles feature for easy, immediate equalization
> Configurable speaker protection for maximum headroom
> Source input compensation and 80 ms lip sync adjustment
per input
> Allows any SPDIF or analog audio input to be used with any
HDMI video input
> Easy speaker wire termination via heavy-duty detachable
terminal blocks
> Intelligent amplifier protection and remote fault monitoring
> 70/100 Volt “constant-voltage” output options available
> Low power consumption, cool-running operation
> Compact 2-space rack-mountable design
The Crestron
HD-XSPA makes it easy to put great surround sound in
any room of the house as part of a complete home automation and
entertainment system. Engineered with integration in mind, the HD-XSPA
delivers pure, impactful power and performance in less space than other
alternatives, and includes advanced features for sharing sources between
rooms and controlling everything with a choice of touch screens, handheld
remotes, and mobile devices. In one compact, 2-space rack-mountable
package, the HD-XSPA packs a professional-grade 7.1 surround sound
processor, high-efficiency eight-channel power amplifier, ultra high-
definition 4K video switcher, 4K DigitalMedia
receiver, and Crestron
control interface.
High-Definition Professional Surround Sound Processor
Great surround sound starts with a great processor, and the HD-XSPA
employs professional grade decoding and signal processing to support the
latest 7.1 digital formats including Dolby
TrueHD, Dolby Digital
Plus, and
DTS-HD Master Audio
. Onboard DSP provides the sonic tools needed to
maximize the sound quality of each speaker within the room, including a
choice of 9-band graphic or parametric EQ, plus trim, delay, crossover, and
speaker protection adjustments. Additional controls are provided for main
volume, bass, treble, loudness, compression, and LFE. Advanced HDCP
management ensures trouble-free handling of copy-protected digital
HD content.
High-Powered 7.1 Surround Sound Amplifier
Despite its compact size, the HD-XSPA delivers a generous amount of
power from its onboard multichannel power amplifier. Each amp channel
is capable of producing a gratifying 140 Watts at 8 Ohms, and 240 Watts
at 4 Ohms. Instead of the customary seven amp channels, the HD-XSPA
features eight full channels of robust amplification to drive a complete 7.1
speaker system including a passive in-wall subwoofer, minimizing both
rack space and floor space requirements. A line-level sub output is also
included to support an active powered subwoofer.
The HD-XSPA can be set up to support a wide variety of speaker
configurations up to 7.1. When configured for use with a 5.1 or smaller
speaker system, two of its amp channels can be reallocated to drive a
second stereo zone. See “Downmix Output” below for more information.
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