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Pro 1300/1500 Installation and
Connect the battery
Install PowerChute
Personal Edition Software
APC PowerChute Personal Edition software provides automatic file saving and
shutdown of your computer in the event of a power failure. Use the cable supplied with
the Back-UPS to connect the data port on the Back-UPS to the USB port on your
computer. Place the CD into your computer, and follow the on-screen instructions.
Inventory Safety
Do not install the Back-UPS in direct
sunlight, in excessive heat,
humidity, or in contact with fluids.
bu057 a
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Seite 1 - Operation

Back-UPS®Pro 1300/1500 Installation and OperationConnect the batteryInstall PowerChute® Personal Edition SoftwareAPC PowerChute Personal Edition softw

Seite 2 - Connect the equipment

Back-UPS® Pro Installation and Operation2Connect the equipmentBattery Backup and Surge Protected outletsWhen the Back-UPS is receiving input power, th

Seite 3

Back-UPS® Pro Installation and Operation3OperationPower-Saving FunctionTo conserve electricity, configure the Back-UPS to recognize a Master device, s

Seite 4 - Front panel

Back-UPS® Pro Installation and Operation4Front Panel Buttons and Display InterfaceUse the three buttons on the front panel of the Back-UPS and the dis

Seite 5 - Warnings and System Faults

Back-UPS® Pro Installation and Operation5Warnings and System FaultsAudible WarningsWarning IconsSystem FaultsThe Back-UPS will display these fault mes

Seite 6 - OWER to remove the

Back-UPS® Pro Installation and Operation6Function Button Quick-Reference Function ButtonTiming (seconds)UPS StatusDescriptionPowerPower On0.2 OffPress

Seite 7 - Troubleshooting

Back-UPS® Pro Installation and Operation7TroubleshootingProblem Possible Cause Corrective ActionBack-UPS will not switch on. The Back-UPS is not conne

Seite 8 - Specifications

Customer support and warranty information is available at the APC Web site,© 2009 American Power Conversion. All rights reserved. All APC

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