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Seite 1 - PPSSXX--110000

PPSSXX--11000024-bit 2-channel 44.1–96kHz High DensityA/D-D/A Conversion SystemOperating Manual andUV22®License AgreementVersion 3b — July 2000Firmwar

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DAC pin 3 hot jumpers...

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Introduction OverviewThe PSX-100 is essentially two independent converters in one unit: a stereo 24-bit/96K analog to digital con-verter and a stereo

Seite 4 - Warnings

Signal flowThere are 3 operational modes:1. The most common mode is CONFIDENCE MONITOR MODE, where the unit’s A/D and D/A act com-pletely independentl

Seite 5 - Service Information

You are “confident” that the signal on tape is OK because you’re listening to the return of the recordingdevice instead of the straight feed from the

Seite 6 - Declarations of Conformity

3. The third mode is DIGITAL COPY MODE, where the selected digital input is routed to all digital out-puts (including AUX) as well as the D/A output.


A/D SYNC Determines sync source for the A/D section. If the unit is in ‘Digital Copy’ mode, this is automatically selectedto DIG IN. When in ‘Digital

Seite 8 - About This Manual

If the D/A input is AES, D/A INPUT will show AES1 and AES2 illuminated, indicating that ‘double wide’ AESformat is expected (see 96 kHz AES format tab

Seite 9 - Table of Contents

OUTPUT RES LEDsIndicate the resolution of the digital outputs. The PSX-100 always converts at 24-bit resolution. When record-ing to 20-bit or 16-bit d

Seite 10

• ERROR simply means loss of lock. • CRC error checking is not employed because some digital playback devices do not encode it properly, lead-ing to f

Seite 11 - Getting Started

When recording signals with sharp transients – drums and percussion, for example – many engineers do notmind occasional 1 to 3 consecutive sample over

Seite 12 - Signal flow

Manual written by Doug Bell.Edited by Julio Alvarez & Joe Raia. Interconnection diagrams by Julio Alvarez.Many thanks to Roger and Brigitte Robind

Seite 13

Calibrating the D/A Converter1. Use an external source to provide digital signal to the D/A.2. Verify that D/A SYNC is correct and locked.3. Ensure th

Seite 14 - Controls & Indicators

Internal SettingsThe following information is provided for authorized technicians only and is not intended for use by theuser. Adjustment of internal

Seite 15 - Press & Hold Buttons

Operational NotesThere are 3 operational modes. The most commonly-used is confidence monitor, where the unit’s A/D and D/Aact totally independently.

Seite 16 - Indicators

MDM ABS FormatChannel Normal ABS1 L16 L162 R16 T8+L83 L16 R164 R16 T8+R85 L16 L166 R16 T8+L87 L16 R168 R16 T8+R8AESThe AES outputs AES1 and AES2 can o

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88.2/96 kHz Operation• Press & hold A/D SYNC button to enter FAST (88.2/96 kHz) mode. See “press & hold” buttons section.• Note that when the

Seite 18 - DIP Switches

PSX-100 User’s ManualPage 25Single-Wire Operation at 88.2/96 kHz (DIP Switch #9 DOWN)With Firmware Revision 3.0.0 onwards, the PSX-100 has the capabil

Seite 19 - External Settings

UV22HR ProcessingUV22HR is used to output audio at 16-bit or 20-bit while maintaining much of the detail of the original 24-bitsignal. When applied, t

Seite 20 - Using the AUX Output

Auto-mutingIn CONFIDENCE MONITOR mode:When switching A/D sync sources, the main outputs will automatically mute (both L and R, with no indication)unti

Seite 21 - Internal Settings

CONDITION ACTION (press…) LED FLASHES REASONFast mode (ie, x2Fs LED lit) ABS x2Fs ABS does not work in FAST modeFast mode (ie, x2Fs LED lit) UV22 x2Fs

Seite 22 - Operational Notes

Because of the addition of the UV22HR signal, we do not recommend that you use the UV22HR processmore than once or twice on a signal. Multiple passes

Seite 23

PSX-100 User’s ManualPPSSXX--11000024-bit 2-channel 44.1–96kHz High DensityA/D-D/A Conversion SystemOperating Manual andUV22®License AgreementVersion

Seite 24 - 88.2/96 kHz Operation

4. Set PSX-100 DIP switch #1 to OFF (TDIF input uses WC input for sync)5. Set PSX-100 DIP #10 to ON (WC connector outputs 44.1/48 kHz always)6. Power

Seite 25 - (DIP Switch #9 DOWN)

2. Connect the optical output of the PSX-100 into the optical input of the ADAT and vice versa.3. Set PSX-100 DIP #10 to ON (WC connector outputs 44.1

Seite 26 - Miscellaneous Features

PSX-100 User’s ManualPage 32The Apogee PSX-100 — SpecificationsANALOG AND A/D CONVERTERParameter Value UnitsResolution 24 bitsSample Rate 44.1–48

Seite 27 - Error Indications

“x2Fs” LED: Indicates that the unitis in “fast” mode (88.2/96 kHz sampling).Power Switch – push on, push offOn power-up, the PSX performs a self-test

Seite 28 - UV22HR Process Application

MDM Input Selection: When using thePSX-100 with modular digital multitracks,select the pair of tracks you want to listen to(or the set of tracks for r

Seite 29 - Application Notes

WarningsCAUTION: To reduce the risk of electrical shock, do not remove the cover. No user serviceable parts inside;refer servicing to qualified person

Seite 30

Registration and Warranty InformationBe sure to register your PSX-100, either by filling in the enclosed Registration Card orby completing our on-line

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Declarations of ConformityDeclaration of Conformity—FCCApogee PSX-100This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the f


Licensing and Legal InformationCarefully read the following legal agreement prior to using the UV22HR process provided in the PSX-100.Use of UV22HR co

Seite 33

User’s Installation NotesSpace left blank for user tracking of factory modifications, option installations, software upgrades, manual revi-sions/ adde

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Table of ContentsWarnings ..............................4

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