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Confi dential, for internal use only. Not to be reproduced.
Own the Night with the DJX750
eed an analog DJ mixer for your
dance club? Don’t want to settle
for some run-of-the-mill DJ desk you’ll
outgrow in just a few weeks? The new PRO
MIXER DJX750 DJ Mixer merges intuitive
operation with built-in digital e ects
processing for clean, transparent sound
that will set your dance  oor on  re!
Not Just a DJX700 dressed in black!
DJs the world over love the DJX700
— and we are grateful that so many have
made it their go-to mixer. So when we
began design on the DJX750, we knew
we had to do something very special.
We started by revving up the FX processor
and putting advanced parameter control
right at your  ngertips.
No longer are you con ned to rigid
presets that limit your creativity. With the
DJX750, you can change FX parameters
on-the- y, pushing your performance
to the next level. In no time you’ll be
creating powerful sets with your own
custom-tailored e ects sounds, all of
which can be controlled in real-time.
Some parameters at your disposal include
Bit Crusher depth, manual  lter sweeps,
Panning (LFO Rate), delay/echo time and
much more. You can even set delay and
echo timing relative to the internal BPM
counter for extremely musical results. It is
kinda like a DJX700 — but one on steroids!
Channels Galore
Because your voice is your instrument,
the DJX750 features a dedicated mic
channel with all the tools to make your
sound supremely distinctive. Vocal
ne-tuning is handled by the onboard
3-band EQ, which provides up to 15 dB of
boost or cut at LOW (80 Hz), MID (2.5 k),
and HIGH (12 kHz) frequency centers —
creating an extremely broad tonal palette.
The DJX750’s stereo channels EQ utilize
the same frequency centers with a boost
of up to 12 dB and a cut of as much as
-32dB. These channels are equipped to
handle every conceivable input source —
from line level, phono, CD and tape decks
to mp3 and minidisk players, we’ve got
you covered.
PRO MIXER — Professional 5-Channel
DJ Mixer with Advanced Digital E ects
and BPM Counter
Professional 5-channel ultra-low noise
DJ mixer with stylish, black design
State-of-the-art 24-bit digital e ects
with advanced parameter control
Intelligent dual auto-BPM counter
with time and beat sync display
Super-smooth ULTRAGLIDE faders
with up to 500,000 life cycles
Awesome adjustable XPQ stereo
surround e ect
VCA-controlled crossfader for
utmost reliability and smooth audio
Adjustable crossfader curve for all
mixing styles
3-band kill EQ (-32 dB) and precise
level meters with peak hold function
per channel
Additional 3-way kill switches with
extremely steep frequency separation
Monitor function with master/cue
balance control and split option
Auto-talkover function with separate
depth control
High-quality components and
exceptionally rugged construction
ensure long life
Conceived and designed by
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Market DJ's, Musicians
Applications Clubs, private parties, concerts
Predecessor DJX700
Key SellingPoints Cool new black design, Dual BPM counters, 24-bit digital e ects,
adjustable crossfader curve, auto talkover function
Competition Numark 5000FX, Pioneer DJM600, American Audio MX-1400 DSP,
American Audio MX-1400, Stanton M.505
MSRP (excl. tax) $501.99 US / 326 €
DJ Mixers
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Confi dential, for internal use only. Not to be reproduced.Own the Night with the DJX750Need an analog DJ mixer for your dance club? Don’t want to sett

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